For generations, the El Kahhal name has been at the forefront of the finest quality handmade carpets and rugs in Egypt. The business was established in 1870 when the young Syrian merchant Abdallah El Kahhal immigrated to Cairo to set up a carpet shop in the famous Khan al-Khalili Bazaar.

The El Kahhal family has since been furnishing royal residences, private homes, and the most luxurious hotels, operating from our historic Khan al-Khalil location, where we stock a wide range of styles, sizes, and designs for our distinguished clientele. We also offer custom-made carpets and rugs in addition a wide selection of services including cleaning and restoration, appraisal, and tours.

Today, El Kahhal Carpets—still a family-owned business and currently operated by the fifth generation—is the oldest and most renowned manufacturer and purveyor of handmade carpets and rugs in Egypt.


El Kahhal Carpets employs about 200 highly skilled craftsmen and we take great pride in the fact that most of our staff has been loyal since many generations—and many our distinguished clients have been doing business with our family for generations as well.

Social Responsibility

At El Kahhal Carpets, we are fully aware that child labor, among other negative effects, deprives children of their childhood and interferes with their ability to attend regular school. This is why all our staff in all our factories and showrooms are adults—a fact that you might check for yourself when booking a tour to visit one of our workshops.

As for our raw material, we only collaborate with suppliers of which—applying all reasonable due diligence—we are confident that they, too, refrain from child labor.

Further information

For further information about El Kahhal Carpets don’t hesitate to contact us using the contact form or visit us in one of our showrooms.

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