Whether you are searching for the perfect accent rug, a room-size piece, or an oversize carpet that can tie together a design in your home or in a professional setting, with more than 500 rugs and carpets in stock we are confident that we can help you in finding the perfect piece within your budget. In our showrooms we have rugs and carpets made of cotton, sheep wool, bamboo silk (viscose), and pure natural silk in all sizes. Our pieces of exquisite craftsmanship with traditional and modern designs come in square and rectangular shapes.

And in the unlikely case that the carpet you dream of is not available in neither of our two showrooms, we will gladly source it from one of our trusted partners or our team of skilled craftsmen will even create your custom design in our workshops in Cairo.

The pages linked below provide but a glimpse of our wide selection of rugs and carpets made of silk, traditional Heriz and Shirvan carpets, modern carpets, custom-made carpets, kilims, and tapestry.

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