Heriz Carpets

The design of Heriz rugs originates from the area of Heris in Iran’s East Azerbaijan Province. These carpets are traditionally boldly colored in rust reds and dark blues and usually feature a large geometric medallion that dominates the field. Traditional Heriz carpets feature a thick pile made of sheep wool and a cotton base.

At El Kahhal Carpets we stock a large number of handmade Heriz rugs in various sizes—both manufactured locally in one of our workshops in Cairo and imported from our trusted partners in India, Iran, Pakistan, and Turkey.

The gallery below provides but a glimpse of our wide selection of handmade Heriz carpets available in our showrooms in the Khan al-Khalili and in Heliopolis.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us using the contact form or visit us in one of our showrooms.

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