In 1952, Mohamed El Kahhal, member of the fourth generation and the father of the current owner, purchased the first loom to start the production of handmade oriental carpets in Cairo. Ever since, the El Kahhal family proudly cherished this heritage and cautiously expanded the production to become one of the largest and most renowned manufacturers of handmade carpets and rugs in Egypt.

Today, El Kahhal Carpets employs more than 200 highly skilled craftsmen in several workshops in Cairo. Using the finest raw materials from carefully selected and long-standing suppliers, El Kahhal Carpets produces about 1000 m2 (more than 10.000 sq. ft.) of rugs and carpets and about 2000 m2 (more than 21.000 sq. ft.) of kilims per year. Our product range includes hand-knotted sheep wool, bamboo silk (viscose), and pure natural silk rugs and hand-woven kilims; moreover, we develop custom color schemes in close collaboration with our customers.

To learn more about the production process and our manufacturing facilities, we cordially invite you to book a tour to visit one of our workshops where you can watch our skilled craftsmen at work.

For inquiries about our manufacturing services don’t hesitate to contact us using the contact form or visit us in one of our showrooms.

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